Banbury at Davis Square Octoberfest, 2011Banbury Cross Morris and Sword is a group of Boston-area youth who perform morris dancing, a centuries-old English folk tradition that has become popular in the United States and many other parts of the world.  From September to June, Banbury Cross meets for weekly practices, and dances at various events, including NEFFA, Lilac Sunday, May Day, and the Ginger Ale, a gathering of children’s morris dance teams from New England.

Banbury Cross members learn not only how to dance but to appreciate the true “spirit of morris” and the fun and camaraderie that goes along with it.  Founded in 1981, Banbury Cross has been around longer than any other young persons’ morris dance team in the US. Many of our alumni have continued morris dancing into adulthood and become morris team leaders and teachers.

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2014 Performances:

March 6: International Fair at Chenery School, Belmont

April 27: New England Folk Festival, Mansfield, MA

May 1: May Day, Cambridge (various locations)

May 4: Hayes Park, Boston (cancelled!)

May 10: Ginger Ale, Boston (various locations)

Full calendarFooling at NEFFA, 2011